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What Your Sartorial Style Says About You

Two men wearing Norwegian Couture suits

Two men wearing Norwegian Couture suits

They say clothes make the man, and when it comes to sartorial style, that couldn’t be more true. But what exactly does your meticulously chosen tie, perfectly tailored suit, and impeccably folded pocket square say about you?


image of a man wearing a classic blue suit
Photo by The Lazy Artist

The Classic Gent

A crisp white shirt, a well-fitted navy blazer, and a tie with a timeless pattern – you symbolize sophistication and confidence. You value tradition, quality, and a touch of understated elegance. People see you as reliable, trustworthy, and someone who gets things done with a calm and collected demeanor.


Two men wearing colorful blazers
Photo by Mariya Georgieva

The Creative Curator

You incorporate bold pops of color, patterned pocket squares, and maybe even a statement lapel pin. You’re confident in your own skin and aren’t afraid to push boundaries while staying polished. This playful side shows you’re not afraid to express yourself and have fun with fashion. It suggests you’re playful, outgoing, and someone who enjoys life’s little luxuries.


image of seersucker blazer

The Modern Maverick

You’re a master of balancing classy and modern pieces. Your style is sharp yet effortless, proving that looking good never has to compromise comfort and doesn’t have to be tedious. You appreciate high quality and craftsmanship even when dressed casually.


image of a man wearing Norwegian Couture suit

The Savvy Socialite

Double-breasted and silk blazers are your staple. You’re the life of the party, always impeccably dressed for any occasion. You understand the power of a good first impression, and your style reflects your charisma and social ease. You’re the guy who can effortlessly navigate a crowded room, striking up conversations and making connections with everyone you meet. 


The Devil Is In The Details

Style is not just about the clothes, but also the accessories and details that make the whole outfit.

  • The Tie: A vibrant tie speaks to your adventurous spirit, while a more subdued tone reflects your quiet confidence. A patterned tie hints at your creativity, while a classic solid tie conveys timeless elegance.
  • The Pocket Square: A neatly folded pocket square speaks to your attention to detail, while a puff fold adds a touch of whimsy. A patterned pocket square showcases your personality, while a crisp white one conveys an air of sophistication.
  • The Shoes: Oxfords project an aura of professionalism, while loafers add a touch of casual coolness. Chelsea boots exude a touch of rugged elegance, while dress sneakers provide a modern twist on classic style.


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