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What to think about when choosing made to measure / made to order ?


1- Firstly, What is my closest standard size, and what kind of problems do I stumble upon regarding size?
is the garment always too short on the arms, or maybe too tight over the chest? We got you covered!

2- How do you wish to represent yourself?
Think of where you work: what’s the dress code? How far can I push it?
What do you feel comfortable wearing? And because style doesn’t start and finish at work, tailored clothes can be worn outside the office too!
Also think about where you go and what you do on the weekends, we believe a blazer will help you stand out on every occasion.

This will help you build your own personal activity profile, that will help you think cleverly about what you need in your wardrobe. Age is no barrier to style,
but it deserves respect. Style and age relevancy is a strange one: no one wants to try and look like they’re trying to be in their twenties when they’re heading into their forties, but you don’t want to look out of date either.

Classic styles generally work better, so create a wardrobe base of clean lines and great fabrics with an impeccable cut. Then mix in pieces and accessories in your favorite colors and textures to reflect your personality. And of course a Norwegian Couture signature blazer, to help you get the extra confidence and stylish look as you deserve.

A Couture lifestyle will never go out of fashion.

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