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Recommended Blazer Fabrics for Spring and Summer

Norwegian Couture Seersucker blue
Norwegian Couture Seersucker blue
Norwegian Couture Seersucker Blazer

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the opportunity to shed those heavy winter layers. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing sophistication! A well-tailored blazer remains a timeless essential, even in the warmer months. However, the key to staying cool and looking sharp lies in selecting the perfect fabric.


Breathable Luxury: Fabrics for the Discerning Summer Dandy

Forget the heavy woolens – summer blazers are all about lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Here are our top picks for the discerning summer dandy:


image of seersucker blazer


The king of summer fabrics, seersucker boasts exceptional breathability and a natural coolness.  Its relaxed drape creates a sophisticated yet effortless look, perfect for balmy evenings.


image of linen blazer


A linen blazer is your savior for the hottest of summer days. The fabric is breathable and lightweight, keeping you cool. It also drapes nicely for a polished look, perfect for warm weather. Be aware though, linen wrinkles easily – embrace the natural texture or opt for a linen blend for improved wrinkle resistance.


Image of guy with cellphone and blazer


 A versatile and comfortable option, cotton blazers offer a touch more structure than linen. Airsoft cotton is another great option, known for its smooth feel and breathability.


image of silk blazer

Silk and Silk Blends:  

Luxurious and lightweight, silk blazers add a touch of elegance to your summer wardrobe. However, pure silk can be delicate. Opt for silk blends with cotton or linen for a more practical option that retains the luxurious feel and breathability. Best choice for summer dinners and evening walks.


Beyond Fabric: Construction Considerations

Fabric choice is just one piece of the puzzle. Here are some additional construction details to consider for a truly comfortable summer blazer:

  • Lining:  Ditch the full lining. Opt for an unlined or half-lined construction for maximum breathability.
  • Weight:   When it comes to summer blazers, lighter is better. Look for fabrics with a weight of around 180 grams or less.


Finishing Touches

image of Norwegian Couture white blazer
image of Norwegian Couture white blazer

Color: Lighter colors like beige, white, and pastel tones reflect heat and create a breezy feel. Navy and light blues remain versatile options, while bolder colors like pistachio or salmon can add a touch of summer flair.


image of checked printed blazer
image of checked printed blazer


Patterns:  For a touch of personality, explore patterns like pinstripes or a subtle windowpane check. Floral patterns can also be a fun option for a summery vibe, but keep them small-scale and tasteful.


Conclusion: A Summer Blazer for Every Occasion

With the right fabric choice and construction, a summer blazer can be your go-to piece for everything from rooftop cocktails to smart casual office attire.  By prioritizing breathability, lightweight fabrics, and unconstructed silhouettes, you can stay cool and look sharp all season long. So, embrace the warmer weather and step out in style!

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