Why is A Well-Tailored Suit A Long-Term Investment?

It is no secret that a well-tailored suit can make the person wearing it look like a million bucks. It all begins when you step into the store and lay your hands on the most luxurious fabrics; a master tailor with expertise in crafting suits gives you the correct measurement for an overall synched look. […]

What to think about when choosing made to measure / made to order ?

YOUR LIFESTYLE COUNTS 1- Firstly, What is my closest standard size, and what kind of problems do I stumble upon regarding size? is the garment always too short on the arms, or maybe too tight over the chest? We got you covered! 2- How do you wish to represent yourself? Think of where you work: […]

Norwegian Couture is back and strong as never!

marcella blazer

2020-2021 were tough years, but it didn’t knock us out, otherwise, we become better and closer to our clients in any spot of the world! Last year was the year of changes and transformation from a local Norwegian brand to a websop that can hadle costumers world wide.  And here we are, with the same […]

Garment Care


CLEANING Be aware: Wrong cleaning can cause irreversible damage to your suits and shorts. Also, avoid over-cleaning your suits, dry-cleaning your suit too often will wear away the natural fibers and take some years off.If you have the possibility, ask your mom for advice!In general: If your suit is clearly duly then take it to […]

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