About Us

Norwegian Couture is more than just a clothing brand. There, we have said it. We are on a mission to transform the way people shop for online garments such as suits, blazers, coats and accessories. Norwegian Couture brings the traditional way of tailoring into the modern world with greater convenience and affordability backed by expert craftsmanship, premium fabrics and outstanding design. Our business is eco-friendly, because there is no surplus of materials in our production. Our sustainable contribution is based on demand manufacturing.

Norwegian Couture was founded in winter 2011 by Johannes Marseth with the idea of creating a new, Norwegian men’s clothing brand. The main idea is to allow an easy mix and match with the different garments or just dress in classic suits – though with a modern twist, or pick out the shared basics for everyday wardrobe.

With Norwegian Couture you have a lot of combinations, how to combine classic with casual and create your own unique everyday look. We have proved that classics can be modern, practical and fashionable.

For the finest customer experience, we collect all our experience and create a fashion brand based on the postulates of practicality, versatility, quality and style of timeless classics, combined with modern trends and bold color solutions.

Our models are based on norwegian cultural heritage, that we embodied in our logo. The brands’ exclusive-looking logo is an important part of some of the garments and sets the mood of royal heritage. Both the fabrics and the accessories urge of quality.


We are here to revolutionize the way men shop for suits, shirts and blazers. To restore, educate and uplevel the sustainable fashion industry. It’s time to put thoughtfulness into the shopping process and we’re ready for the challenge. It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Join us to be part of a transformation for a bigger cause.