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About Us


Norwegian Couture is more than just a clothing brand. There, we said it. We are on a mission to transform the way people shop for tailored garments such as suits, blazers/sport coats, coats, shirts and accessories. 

We bring the traditional way of tailoring into the modern world with greater convenience, innovation and affordability backed by expert craftsmanship, premium fabrics and outstanding design. 

Our business is eco-friendly, because there is no surplus of materials in our production. We only work with high-end tailors and fabrics, and design products that will last over a hundred years, if they are cared for. Our sustainable contribution is based on demand manufacturing.

Norwegian Couture was founded in winter 2011 by Johannes Marseth with the idea of creating a new in Norwegian menswear. The main idea is to bring the heritage of the cold north into the modern world. Johannes Marseth has from his first trip to London loved British design and tailoring. With the royal logo/emblem as the foundation of the branding, that shows a mix between the Norwegian royal emblem, mixed with british family crests, and Inspired of british private schools uniforms.  


From this background, Norwegian Couture has designed blazers/sports coats and suits from 2011 with a preppy vibe, for gentlemens all over the world that appreciate good quality fabrics, classic clothing with a cherry on top. Introduced to the world in 2012 as the newbie at Oslo fashion week, with a full collection, inspired of the british heritage from the victorian times, named “Stiff upper lip” 

Through 2020-23  Norwegian Couture focus has been to perfect the blazer / sport coat, and use totally new method to take more information than just the standard size from customers. After 3 years of work of innovation, testing, and sales, we have designed a new method for taking orders on blazers / sport coats online, without measuring our customers from top to toe. 

Through some extra questions in the check out process, we have made it possible to add some more data to your standard size. This way, we can still give the tailor made feeling to our customers, and still give so many more humans the opportunity to order a luxurious blazer/sportcoat tailor made through a webshop, without even taking out the measurement band.

We are here to revolutionize the way men shop for suits, shirts and blazers. To restore, educate and uplevel the sustainable fashion industry. It’s time to put thoughtfulness into the shopping process and we’re ready for the challenge. It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Join us to be part of a transformation for a bigger cause.

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